About Us:

We grew up in small business homes and understand the importance of each phone call, email, or lead. 

We’ve heard our families complain about their SEO guys or webmasters slapping them with unexpected fees or refusing to make changes.That’s not us. 

We want to use our skills to help small businesses thrive in the digital space. We’re different than your other web guys, we value honesty and results over making a quick buck.

Clay Stevens

Director of Astonishment

Clay has gained a lot of his marketing experience through the University of Earth: School of Hard Knocks.

Having previously worked at a small digital marketing start-up (now currently operating without his glory), he helped serve clients in the realm of digital marketing and sales.

After leaving that company, he then moved on to co-found One List One Life and One List Media where he and Dillon have succeeded in creating viral campaigns that lead to having their story featured on Good Morning America, NBC National News and more.

Sacramento WordPress Web Design

Dillon Hill

Chief Keyboard Strategist

of Regional Networks

Dillon was studying Business and Cognitive Computer Science at UC Davis when he decided to drop out and help his friend who had recently been diagnosed with cancer to live out his bucket list, creating One List One Life.

​Dillon is also the Executive Director of Gamers Gift, a local non-profit that has grown national attention for their innovative work using Virtual Reality for therapy in children’s hospitals and Cerebral Palsy support schools.

​He’s also the one making this website, which would explain why most of the jokes have probably fallen flat. (why am I typing this in third person?)

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